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Quickstart Keto Book Published!

If my previous blog entitled “Why I do Keto and Why You Shouldn't,” has you thinking about the Ketogenic Diet, then this post is for you. As the popularity of the Keto Diet continues to grow, I have found myself explaining the same key concepts time and time again. Thus, I have written and published this book for you:

The How-To Keto Book for Simple Minded Men: A Keto Quickstart Guide is a short, condensed version of the facts and knowledge you and your loved ones need to know about the ketogenic diet. Though written with fathers and spouses in mind, the essential information and principles apply to everyone.

The How-To Keto Book for Simple Minded Men: A Keto Quickstart Guide is for you if you are interested in safely getting started on your keto journey. Additionally, this short book can be easily gifted to friends and loved ones to quickly answer the “what are you doing,” questions that soon follow the statement “I am going keto.” Enjoy!

You are a valued member of the GHG community. Your questions, comments, suggestions and feedback are greatly appreciated. Feel free to comment below or contact GHG directly through the contact page. GHG has an extra-special thank you to loyal subscribers who are reading this upon release on St. Patricks Day, March 17th, 2020. Please follow the link and receive this ebook 100% FREE TODAY.

Happy St. Patties! Thank you for reading.

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