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Gear Head Gurus



GHG is short for GearHeadGurus. 69 is our traditional racing number. Why 69? Because whether you're rightside up or upside down, it's still 69. While we prefer to keep it shiny side up, you'll still be able to identify us on track even if we're upside down. 


The story goes that originally there was just @GearHeadGirl69. Whether the girl became the guru or the gurus took over the girl, we may never know. What we do know is that GHG69 represents adventurous individuals who love getting into the mechanical side of things. GHG69 enthusiasts tend to be avid riders and drivers by nature. Which begs the question, are YOU a Gear Head Guru too?

About our Founder

The original GHG. When not at the racetrack, she can often be found wrenching or taking advantage of twisty, curving roads. A diver by profession and scientist by education, GHG takes gearheadiness to new depths underwater as well. Her professional career includes, but is not limited to: international maintenance scuba diver, demo driver, brand ambassador, yoga instructor, and microbiologist. In her spare time, GHG is a volunteer firefighter, active member of multiple car clubs and also enjoys photography, writing, hot yoga and improving firearms proficiency.

From underwater power tools and wetsuits to firesuits, racetracks and late night piston replacement, GHG69 covers it all. Click the link below to subscribe to our YouTube channel & never miss an episode! 

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